NEW YORK 2019 / 2050

This has led me to my next challenge: upping productivity. In America working long hours has been given a Hollywood sheen. I disagree with that in principle, and think down time is essential to creativity. However, towards the end of last year I simply wasn't finding time to both write and illustrate. Something had to change. I read about many different ways to increase productivity and have been trying a few this year.

In Praise of Drawing: A Case for the Underrated Craft (ArchDaily Article 27th January 2019)

I was part of the last generation of architectural students who didn't use computers (we’re only talking the early 1990’s here; there was electricity, color TV’s, rockets, just no renderings.) In my final year at college I miscalculated how long it would take me to finish my thesis project. As the deadline approached, I realized it was too late for me to match my fellow students’ presentations. At the time Zaha Hadid, and her deconstructivist paintings, set the style for architectural illustration. That meant many student projects being rendered in oil paints on large canvases.