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Alice and Alex Part 6 - the end ...

Alice and Alex Part 6 - the end ...

Adding story-specific graffiti to the wall behind Alice is the final part of the image. So far I’ve designed three wall posters each one dealing with a different part of the book, “The Streets and The Skies.” These parts / issues are:

  1. Unemployment
  2. Recruitment to leave Earth and start again on Mars
  3. Employment opportunities in Europa 

And here are the posters!


I don’t want to be too heavy handed about their placement, more a case of “dusting” them onto the brickwork and where possible using them to emphasize the line work. As Alice, and Mars, are the two most important issues here I’ve worked on that area first. I’ve scaled and arranged a series of 8 “Mars” posters in rows of 4 x 2 making each at an angle to look as if they were posted in a hurry:


And I placed them so Uncle Sam was peaking through the front centrifuge hehe:


I’m not going to get too into detail about how I weathered the image (search youtube for alpha channel tutorials) but adjusted the colors, brightness and opacity as well as adding an alpha map of an old brick wall to make the posters look torn:


Next is Alex. As his uniform is primarily white I picked the Europa image to go behind (as it is black and would make him stand out.) I aggressively weathered these posters so the white arc of the moon isn’t too distracting then added some inverted (to make them black) 'Stamp' posters:


And here’s the final image with further blended posters added either side. In total over ONE HUNDRED posters are on the wall …


The image has come a long way from the start where I just had a sketch idea and a photo of an alley in Brooklyn but I think it’s come out pretty well! Hope you like it and thanks for following it’s progress :) sign up for my newsletter to get future notice on the book progress and other updates ... Jim

Alice and Alex 4k Wallpaper Download

Alice and Alex 4k Wallpaper Download

Alice and Alex Linework Part 5

Alice and Alex Linework Part 5