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Your submission to the Emerging Writer Fellows 2017 - fail!

This was to be predicted as the odds were low but still upsetting to get this. I write "non-literary" fiction being genre based (Sci-Fi) which decreases the odds in these things further. Maybe I should introduce winsome ladies drinking cups of weak tea in misty victorian gardens. Those seem well received :)

Dear Jim Keen:

On behalf of The Center for Fiction, thank you so much for your application to the 2017 NYC Emerging Writer Fellows program. It is with regret that we must inform you that we cannot offer you a grant this year. We received over 500 applications for nine spots and the decision was, as always, a difficult one. We were very impressed by the quality of work we received and we hope that you will consider applying again next year. Supporting writers like you is one of The Center’s most important and cherished endeavors.


Thank you again for sharing your work with us.


The Center for Fiction

Mechanical  Intelligence Gun Design 1 - Walther CWS

Mechanical Intelligence Gun Design 1 - Walther CWS

Burn Out

Burn Out